Door-to-door / door-to-port International Relocations

As a registered member of The International Associations of Movers – IAM, the world’s leading international moving associations, Terra Moving & Logistics can help you to relocate to Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and anywhere in the world, providing you with the highest level of professionalism and standard services at the most competitive prices.

In order to provide our customers with a smooth removal, our company is in the capacity to guarantee and offer the following professional services:

  • Free volume estimates. During the estimation process, we can also provide you with relocation consulting services
  • Professional consultancy during the relocation
  • Dismantling and assembly of furniture
  • Packing and unpacking services for personal effects, household goods
  • Packing of valuable and fragile items with high-quality packing materials
  • Inventory and a detailed description of goods
  • Handling and loading in our dedicated means of transportation
  • Preparation of the necessary papers for customs clearance
  • Assistance in obtaining export license from the Office of Fine Arts and Artistic Treasures of Romania for: paintings, photographs and antiques.
  • Storage of goods in Romania or in the country of destination
  • Customs formalities for import or export
  • Transport and delivery to the new residence: sea, air, land
  • Unloading, unpacking
  • Arrangement of the items and reassembly of the pieces of furniture
  • Removal of debris.
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Office / Company Moves

At a certain moment, in our present business world certain companies might find out that the space they have been making use of does no longer meet the requirements of that company. And so, they may come to the conclusion that they need to relocate.

Since we already know that the relocation of a company equipment is a very delicate process, our team will come forward with appropriate solutions for the particular needs of such a relocation. We shall arrange our service in such a way in order to allow a continuous process of activity of the respective company throughout its whole process of relocation.

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In order to reduce the duration which is necessary to the relocation, our company can provide you with the following services:

  • Free of charge consultancy concerning the planning of the relocation service
  • Delivery in advance of the packing materials
  • Labeling of the items according to our client’s requests
  • Packing of personal effects and documents
  • Packing of technical and IT equipment
  • Labeling of boxes and their delivery according to the client’s requests
  • Dismantling of office furniture
  • Loading of the goods and their delivery to the new office address
  • Unloading of goods and their arrangement in their proper rooms
  • Removal of debris.

Domestic Removal Services

Out of our own experience we can tell that relocation services concerning the household goods of a private property can be a very stressing event. It requires a particular attention which has to be paid to a lot of details.

Irrespective the volume of household goods that you wish to relocate Terra Moving & Logistics will always be able to offer to you the most appropriate services. We are in the capacity of handling any request whatsoever, starting only with one item up to the relocation of your whole house.

According to the volume and the peculiarities of the relocation services of your household goods, our company will always put at your disposal the following services:

  • Free of charge consultancy concerning the planning of the relocation service
  • If you wish to do some packing by yourselves prior to our main service, we can provide you with some boxes and packing material
  • Packing of household goods and personal effects and dismantling of furniture, if necessary
  • Loading and transportation to the new house
  • Unpacking and disposing of goods in their proper places according to you instructions
  • Assembly and positioning of the furniture
  • Final check up of our service, and pick up of debris.
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Pet Moving Services

Our company is the best choice which one can make in order to ensure your dearest pet one of the most comfortable and safe relocation service anywhere in the world.

We understand how important this thing is for you and that is why we are extremely careful at all the details and show a particular care about the performance of this service.

Thus, we can offer the following service to you

  • Professional consultancy in view of the trip
  • The pets’ pick up from our customers residence
  • Planning of the air shipment
  • Making of export file (sanitary certificates, passport), AWB, export customs formalities
  • Upon request and according to international standards, we can buy a suitable pet carrier container
  • The notification of the consignee about the exact date and hour of the pet’s arrival
  • Veterinary inspection at the airport of arrival
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Cars, Motor Cycles and Boats Relocation Services

Terra Moving & Logistics offers you a full set of professional services for the international transportation of any type of vehicle: cars, motor cycles and boats.

You will benefit for the following services:

  • Transportation documents based on the registration certificate
  • De-register / register services of the vehicles
  • Handling – with a special ramp for loading in / unloading out of the truck or container
  • A safe arrangement and fixing of your vehicle in the container
  • Customs clearance if needed
  • Delivery of the vehicle at the new residence
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Multimodal Transport Projects

Transport multimodal

Terra Moving & Logistics provides a large variety of professional transport services for domestic and international relocations (by sea, air and road).

We have built excellent business relationships with overseas partners all over the world. These relationships make it possible for us to provide our clients with the peace of mind they are after when shipping goods to destinations all over the world.

In order to ensure that your shipment is delivered without any problem, Terra Moving & Logistics will organize all the documents that are required for your shipment.

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Customs Consultancy

Customs clearance of both imported and exported goods is a known but not a quite simple procedure.

We are able to offer a professional assistance in clarifying the complex rules of international trading and take full and complete responsibility to make sure that the correct documentation is being prepared well in advance of all import and export deadlines in order to avoid unexpected costs and time consuming delays.

Our trade advisors provide a thorough evaluation of your import and export operations. We help you prepare the files for Customs audits, classify all the products in your inventory and many others.

Our consulting offerings include the following:

  • Product Classification by TARIC
  • Customs Compliance Solutions
  • Importer Self-Assessment (ISA) Certification
  • Import Advisory Services
  • Export Advisory Services
consultanta vamala
You can have our quote by calling us at
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